Saturday, 14 December 2013

The Most Wonderful Sight Of The Year ……. Of Our Village Type Nature

Darrell had promised Nigel that they would go for a little festive promenade last night, to take in all wonder of our village Christmas  “son et luminaire”.  And I have to admit that the aforementioned luminaire,  are the best they have ever been, in past years, they have been rather lack lustre,  well, to be robustly honest …. down right shonky, but someone, with their finger on the pulse,  has pulled out all the festive stops this year.
Bilbrook Christmas Lights
Bilbrook Christmas Tree
I will apologise now for the quality of some of the pictures,  as photography of a nocturnal type nature is not our forte and was a bit of a hit and miss affair.
Bilbrook Motor WorldMotorworld window Bilbrook
First,  Darrell and Nigel, at Nigel’s insistence had to go to Motor World to see all the models lit up, starting with the castle …. 
Model of Woodman Bilbrook……. and the miniature Woodman pub.
Motorworld Christmas WindowDarrell said that it was so wonderful, at every turn there was a new “oooooooooooow ahhhhhh” moment.
011knitted Nativity.
But for Nigel, it was the illuminated knitted nativity that was the pinnacle attraction.
awe and christmas wonder And then moving on …….
Bilbrook at ChristmasAwe and wonder bilbrook Christmas Tree
…….. the Christmas tree is outside the shops is most resplendent, as opposed to the decidedly lopsided one erected last year. Darrell said that they sat on the bench and drank in all it’s splendour, whilst eating the bacon butties and sipping the hot chocolate  I had packed for them, to make their stroll even more of an special occasion.
Street Christmas TreesFrom the bench they could also see the Christmas trees over the main block of shops. Darrell said that he and Nigel both agreed that it was the most romantic that they had ever seen our Tesco Express look. 
The bracketed trees (on both sides of the road) have got to be the best festive addition to the village for years.  Andy, who was a bit of a Christmas light aficionado, would have loved them, and would doubtless have tried to work out a way to add a couple of  bracketed trees to the frontage/portals of Castle Greysquirrel to embrace the theme, if he was still with us.
Village Christmas LightsThe Woodman, our hostelry of choice  seemed to gathered even more lights this year too….
Woodman Bilbrook lightsIn fact, the epicentre of the village seems almost to have been over run by a plethora of large Christmas trees ……
lit up BilbrookVillage lights
The usual coloured lights on the large tree on the village green (that can be seen for miles and miles) have also been replaced by white bulbs ……011 (2)……….. giving it a far more romantic and magical look. 
Christmas lights in BilbrookWho needs Blackpool …… when our village is now on the map, illuminations wise!
Knitted NativityBut for Nigel, awe and wonder set aside  …… there was only one place he wanted to go back to ……………. which is also most fortuitous, because now, whenever we can’t find him, we know exactly where he can be found ….. bless him xxxxx


Mr.D said...

Does Hugh agree that white lights are classier than a coloured mixture?

Anonymous said...

The whole village is truly one beautifully romantic illuminated scene.....Motor World's outstanding display is even more gorgeous at night with the lights.......soooo much to enjoy over and over......a sparkling, twinkling, glowing winter wonderland......Ddianne

marc said...

Mr D i do like a white light as it shouts style but its christmas and in my eyes any thing goes i to have the same knitted Nativity but i need some one to knit me the sheep for alas i have none the village looks better than portobello rd big showbiz wave hugh