Thursday, 5 December 2013

We Entertain Festively …… Part One

As is tradition at work, rather than go out as a group for an festive meal to an impersonal and oft noisy local hostelry, we instead take it in turns to entertain chez nous, and this year the honour to host has befallen onto us to entertain chez Castle Greysquirrel and have as such taken it all in our stride…… despite a teensy, weensy hiccough!
party tableMost of the Yuletide decor had already been done, thanks to Darrell and his artistic flair, ably aided and abetted by Nigel  and a little help and advice from Hugh, our friend in Notting Hill, who leads the showbiz life …… so no panic there.
Christmas party favoursThe party bags were also prepared in advance by all of us on Saturday night …. while we watched Strictly, followed by X Factor and then I’m A Celebrity.
checking his list waiting for party guests
All that was left to do was the food …… by which hangs the tail tale hiccough! We were in charge of the main meal, to wit hot turkey baps with stuffing, cranberry sauce and lashings of gravy,  while our guest were to provide nibbles, puddings and light liquid refreshment and so …Darrell was sent out town to purchase our chosen comestibles ……
cutting the baps.cutting the bapsturkey sandwiches
……. a most ample sufficiency of baps ….. and the aforementioned others …..
one legged turkey…. mostly importantly, a nice plump turkey ….. however when he finally got his most, to be, considered purchase home, we found that he hadn’t considered it quite enough ……. because once divested of all of its plastic wrappings, we discovered that the turkey possessed only one leg!!! Oh Mon Dieu.  What had happened to it’s other leg, goodness only  knows, and perhaps it’s not best not to dwell on such matters …… but only one leg did it have!!!! By then it was too late to go back to the shop for an exchange or buy another turkey leg to stick on with cocktail sticks to disguise the fact that ours was devoid of one of his/hers!
Christmas stuffingSo we decided to stuff it well ……… boldly stuffing where stuffing had never been stuffed before …..
cooked one legged turkey…… and then carve it up before our guests arrived thus avoiding any embarrassing, what part of the bird would you like situations ……


Mr.D said...

Nice baps!
I have seen a few legless birds in my time, but not one like that.

Di said...

Hilarious! And Mr D's on form today :-) xx

Anonymous said...

My oh My! that is a most unusual happening, one for the books actually.....the questions regarding the missing leg will linger in the recesses of the mind! Being the superb hosts you are, you have handled it with creative confidence.....robins on the mantel, a beautiful Christmas dining table, delicious food, all the ingredients for a Merry Christmas celebration with good friends!.....this Christmas holiday season is in full swing at Castle Greysquirrel!........Dianne