Friday, 6 December 2013

We Festively Entertain …. Part Two

Well…..   last night was the Annual Office Christmas Party, hosted by us …… we are soooooooooo proud!
party threeLet’s just say it was a resounding success and will be much talked about in very robust terms for many years to come, and that the person whose name is drawn out of the hat to host next years party has an almost impossible act to follow …….
party 2Our only regret is that we didn’t take more pictures, but we were all so busy attending to our guests every need that  we never seemed to get the opportunity. 
party 1Everyone came clad in their best festive gay apparel and there was much pulling of crackers as we sat down to our hot turkey baps. Then amidst great whoops of office party delight Darrell passed round Santa’s Bulging Sack to partake in the Office Secret Santa, for which everyone had been asked to find a special seasonal gift on a budget of £1. One lady, Bec unwrapped a stunning red wig which we were all quite envious of, which she then proceeded to wear for the rest of the evening!  Darrell received a rain hat and hair net, which will come in very useful to keep his much coiffed hair in place during the coming rough winter months,  I unwrapped a Santa candle holder and Nigel, much to his delight had some Magic Snow!!! 
party flanAs we had “done” the main, our guests brought the pudding …… Oh Mon Dieu, we feasted well, Sancha’s festive frangipani cherry tart was a triumph …. it even had a real, shiny gold top, it looked magical and would have had a score that was right off our Richter Scale of noms, had it not been seen as extremely rude and non de rigeuer to score your guests food in front of them!!!  But we all did it in our heads!!
party 5We let Nigel stay up extra late, as it isn’t often that Castle Greysquirrel entertains on such a grand scale …..
party chocolates…… and he did do a most excellent job taking round the chocolates and advising our guests on which centre they might prefer. We are just praying that he hadn’t taken a crafty nibble of them first, as his depth of knowledge and vivid description was very suspicious impressive.
party 4It was a wonderful evening and I think we can safely pat ourselves on the back as hosts with the mosts ……. even if our turkey only had one leg!!!!


Mr.D said...

Well done!
I wonder if Hugh's influence could be detected in the proceedings, LL-ing in Wolverhampton.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful evening was had by all it seems. You were the perfect hosts. Those chocs looked rather good - it's been awhile since I got my lips around a chocolate nut cluster.
JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

You truly are the picture of gracious hosts.......not to mention calm, cool, and collected! Great festive evening all round, great hosts, great guests, yummy food with noms floating in your heads! Castle Greysquirrel is the place to be this festive season......perhaps Nigel could tell which chocolates are which by the shape; I'm certain he's innocent of any further chocolate "investigation"!......Dianne