Thursday, 26 December 2013

A Festive Surprise For Nigel from Darrell and Me …..

While Nigel was busy playing with his new Christmas presents, and the turkey cooking in the oven, Darrell and I decided to make an extra special Christmas surprise for the little fella to make Christmas last just a little longer ……
Magic SnowWe wanted to give him a “White Christmas” …. despite our keeping a very intensive eye on all the weather forecasts, it was obvious that without divine intervention it was not going to be a  Christmas of the snowy variety and so to make Nigel’s Christmas dreams come true we availed ourselves some Magic Snow from E-bay.Magic snow.We had already rescued a small, wheeled  cart, which was being thrown out by the Art Department at work for Nigel, into which we decided to put our “snow”, a mobile snow-pit, if you will,  into which we proceeded to add the snow powder and water.  It said on the packet that the said powder would expand by a 100 times, but as we couldn’t imagine what 100 times the test tube container would look like, we just kept adding more and more water and mixing robustly  ……..
….. hoping that eventually we would have something vaguely resembling snow.
testing magic snowMagic snow. snow magic
After about five minutes we thought we had just about got it right ……. and then Darrell decided that the proof of the snow was in the snowballing ……
Playing with Magic SnowMagic Snow for Christmas magic
What is he like?
what are we likeWe have now put the snow away, in a safe place, ready for an opportune moment, a lull in the festive proceedings if you will, to present it to Nigel ……. we can’t wait to see his little face!  His first “white” Christmas!


Mr.D said...

Is Nigel dreaming of a white Christmas?
Magic snow? It could be something developed by TtS.

Anonymous said...

Now that's a fun idea.....trying to think where the best place to keep snow is? fridge or must it be the freezer? Saw a story about a lady who makes miniature real snowmen and keeps them in her freezer! Looks like snow and must have felt like snow.....Nigel will love this festive white Christmas surprise.....will it be more snowballs or a miniature snowman, or just a frolic in the snow?......Lucky Nigel.....happy snow fun....Dianne

Anonymous said...

it's looking much better than the real thing boys!
JantheFan x
I have added a few comments recently which haven't appeared - what am i doing wrong?!!! Let's hope this one does!