Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Festivating Our Festive Tree …

Since December 1st there had been no let up from Nigel, wanting, neigh demanding, to know the Christmas Tree chez Castle Greysquirrel was going to be put up
festive faceDarrell and I had thought that next weekend would be an suitable juncture, however, in the end Nigel’s persistent festive pestering just ground us down, and so last night, after tea, we decided to start festivating, for the peace and our sanity!
Rocking around the christmas treeAnd I have to admit that on seeing Nigel’s beaming little face as the tree went up, it made it all worth while …..
testing the christmas lightsEven sorting out the robustly knotted bundle of fairy lights was not nearly as irritating or frustrating as we had anticipated, after Nigel offered to hum our favourite Christmas songs as we untangled, to get us in the festive mood ….. although, we did have to make him swear that he wouldn’t hum a single note of anything of a Cliff Richard Christmas type nature, as just the thought of Cliff Richard singing brings Darrell out in the most horrendous hives!
beautiful christmas treeIt all looked so very romantic, …. we are not embarrassed to admit that there were a few moist eyes and stiffled manly sniffs. We had decided, a little while ago, after one of our family debates that we would break with one of our most rigid festive traditions by putting candy canes on the tree this year instead of chocolate money in honour and memory of our trip to Last Vegas, injecting a little US of A into our Yuletide decor.
Candy canes tree decorations Yes …… it was all very much an awe and wonder moment for us all as I switched on the lights …amidst a great many sighs, ohhhh and ahhhhs
hanging up the candy canesChristmas tree awe
…… and though Nigel’s aforementioned festive pestering's were at times very wearing ….. we are glad he did ….. and that we relented!


Mr.D said...

A great two days to start the Yuletide festivities.
Makes me feel festive but no snow round here, except on the top of the nearby high volcanoes.

Anonymous said...

Can hear the bells ringing as Castle Greysquirrel is in it's most festive mode! Nigel's Christmas spirit is ready and willing to get this holiday well and truly in high gear.....Advent Calendar, sparkling glowing tree, Nigel humming Christmas songs..... a perfect evening ......Dianne

Anonymous said...

Oh boys - ready for another song? It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas - everywhere you go...........JantheFan x