Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Nigel’s Kindest Reaps An Unexpected Reward

Nigel is very fortunate, in the fact that he has two sets of Christmas crib figures, but really, he only needed one.
awe and wonderSo when he heard that one of the ladies in the office had just adopted a little boy and he didn’t have a Christmas crib, Nigel decided that he would give the aforementioned lady his spare set for her aforementioned little boy.
cribHe packed it all up, very carefully and bought it to the office ….
baby jesus…… and proceeded to set it up for the pre-aforementioned lady, telling her the Christmas story  (as he understood it) as he did so  and explaining who each person was, as he positioned them ……
CHRISTMAS MANGER……. and in doing so Nigel held the rest of the office in the palm of his hands …… in fact there were a few dabbed eyes by the time he had finished!
mANGER SCENEThen, one of the particularly overcome ladies decided to whip out the chocolates …… as a small “thank you” to Nigel for his generosity of heart and his robustly appreciated storytelling skills.
Terry's all gold milkWell,  it would have been most rude not to intently study the menu for a full ten minutes in order to make a considered choice ….
office chocs.….. before finally selecting the Burnished Nut Brulee, closely followed by a Vanilla Flourish as his centres of choice!   Happy Days Nigel!


Anonymous said...

How kind of Nigel - that's the story of Christmas - it's all about the giving - and maybe a little taking, of the chocolate kind.
JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Well done Nigel.
Justly rewarded too.

Anonymous said...

A most kind and loving gift from dear Nigel which leaves no doubt the true spirit of Christmas is in his heart.....May this blessed gift be enjoyed by this little boy as he has his first Christmas in his new home and for many years to come......Dianne