Thursday, 5 December 2013

Festive Decor De Rigueur

Darrell was on the phone to Hugh, our friend in London who lives in Notting Hill leading the showbiz life for hours at the weekend, seriously putting our “family and friends” time limit in danger, going on and on and on, to quote Darrell about “London de rigueur trends of a festive type nature!”
christmas decsAnyway, according to Hugh, who has his finger on many a beating (trend) pulse, “One should simply have wags swags and robins ….. absolument everywhere, stags heads are soooooo last year, and out, out, out!”
Christmas decorationsAnd,  as Darrell hangs on every single word Hugh utters in all matters of fashion and trends de decor ….. robins, are this year, all de rigeuer chez Castle Greysquirrel as well!
Christmas robin decorations“I simply cannot countenance our becoming seen as festive pariahs with common decor  amongst our friends, ….!” announced Darrell with a worrying Hugh like flounce and pout.  But high drama aside, both Nigel and I have to agree that Darrell has done us proud on the festive robin front, admittedly more Poundshop than Harolds Harrods, but nevertheless he has put together a rather nice display on our Yuletide mantelpiece ….
awe and wonder christmas robin….. which should last the festive season, if Nigel refrains from trying to stroke them and be their friend!


Mr.D said...

Looking good.
Hopefully Nigel won't decide to stuff the robin red breast.

Anonymous said...

Have always loved robins and cardinals in Christmas decorations and swags are a true classic......Hugh keeps us all in the know so no need to worry about being a decorating pariah.....your mantle is Christmas perfect! never been to a Harolds, but I once bought a few things at a dollar store called Fred's!......Our Lindt snowman and teddy bear are under the tree as well as our very special first gift from dear friends......I am certain those lovely decorations are worthy of the most posh London townhouse.....never cared for stags heads at all!....Dianne

marc said...

MY darlings it is wonderful its so country man about town it to yumy for words the way you get the in look on such a tiny budget amazes moi you have as out cousins across the waves say knocked it out the ball park well done youand i must say your robins look better than horrids lol big show biz wave Hugh