Thursday, 26 August 2010

Anyone For A Banana?

Picture 212
Lucy was very taken by all the banana plants we saw growing in the grounds of our holiday hotel, so much so that when she saw a banana plant in Wilkinson's she decided to buy one for our kitchen in the hope of providing us with fresh fruit to eat…… one day.
Picture 215
It’s quite large and Darrell reckons that if it doesn’t bear fruit we can always use the leaves for umbrellas.
Picture 216


qwiksave said...

Just so you know, in case you do grow any real bananas on your tree there is a BETTER way of eating bananas than we have all(?) been doing! :-O According to 'The Best of YouTube', the experts, REAL monkeys,(sorry!) peel & eat bananas 'upside down' - ie. stalk down. You learn something new every day! :-)

Mr. D said...

Monkey, surely you live on bananas anyway. You could make a very fetching hat too. Have you got green fingers?