Friday, 20 August 2010

Monkey’s Inadvertent Turkish Adventure Part 15 – Looking Forward …. to the Eurovision Song Contest Next Year

Picture 586
My inadvertent holiday in Turkey is drawing to an end and I know I must take in and appreciate every second I have left.
Wolverhampton has many pleasures, but it does not have a beach, just Central Baths, but that, alas, is the nearest I will get to warm blue water for another year at least.
Picture 587 
If there is anything I have learnt in Turkey, that I can take back to Wolverhampton, it will be the ability to pose looking wistfully at the sea in my swimming trunks.
Picture 590
And a vow to give "Dix Points" to Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest next year as a “Thank You” for a brilliant inadvertent adventure.

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Mr. D said...

Big trunks there M. I hope nothing falls out whilst posing.