Thursday, 12 August 2010

Star Gazing With Darrell

I’ve had a postcard and a couple of e-mails from Monkey saying he is having a brilliant inadvertent holiday in Turkey and I have reassured him that I am holding the fort for him back in Wolverhampton.

 Darrell Gazing at the stars

But I wish he was with me tonight, I am soooooo excited…

Waiting for the stars to come out

……. because I am staying up late, in the hope of seeing the Perseid meteor shower.  There should be hundreds of shooting stars and a dazzling display of celestial fireworks.  It sounds very romantic.


I’ve polished my binoculars and will pack a flask of hot chocolate and a couple of Gypsy Creams, in case I get hungry.

Picture 727

I am looking forward to seeing the shooting stars most, but I am a little confused.  Do I just wish on the first shooting star I see tonight or can I have a wish on all the ones I see?


I don’t want to be greedy but I have a couple or three wishes ……I wish that Monkey comes back soon, that Wolves win against Stoke on Saturday and that Aunty Jan can find some Cadbury miniatures when she goes to Cadbury World with the Brownies, oh and I also wish that Monkey can see the shooting stars in Turkey so that he can have some wishes too.

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Phil Davison said...

"Holding the fort." You must be strong young Darrell. Why don't you wish for more wishes, then you'll never run out.