Saturday, 14 August 2010

Monkey’s Inadvertent Turkish Adventure Part 10 – At One With The Fish

Picture 571
Now that I can swim, I am curious about the creatures that I may have been swimming with, but could not see. It was therefore fortuitous that Lucy had packed an underwater camera for just such a moment,  so last night I spent a little while reading  the manual  to see how it worked.
This morning I was so excited, I swam out ever so quietly into the lagoon, with the camera and it was WONDERFUL!
Fish one
There were fish everywhere.  I tried to touch them, but they swam away too quickly.
This is a beautiful little wrasse, he was all colours.  Each day of my holiday just gets better and better.  I had an e-mail from Darrell this evening, he says it’s raining in Wolverhampton,  poor Darrell!

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Phil Davison said...

When you get back to Wolves, maybe you could learn the ancient art of trout tickling. I don't think they find it a laughing matter however.