Sunday, 8 August 2010

Monkey’s Inadvertent Turkish Adventure Part 4 –Turkish Tea

I am really trying to take in every minute of my Turkish experience and I just had to try some Turkish tea.  It’s brilliant!
tea tray
The waiters bring it to you on lovely silver trays which makes it a very special experience.  When I first asked for a tea the waiter looked at me and recognised that I was English by my accent and asked “Do you want PG Tips or Tetley Tea Bag?”, When I said I wanted to try real Turkish tea he smiled and patted me on the head and said “Lubberly Jubbilee, me old mate”.
The tea comes in all sorts of flavours, the kiwi tea is bright green and very sweet.  I must take some back with me for Darrell to try.

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Mr. D said...

They should bring cakes on those trays too. "A French Fancy sir?" or "Do you like Kippling?" "I don't know, I've never Kippled."