Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Monkey’s Inadvertent Turkish Adventure Part 12 – An Abundance of Vitamin C.

If we were to run out of money while we are on holiday we would not go hungry because we are surrounded by an abundance of fruit trees ….. the grounds of our hotel are a 5 a day heaven!
Picture 656
I’ve never seen a pomegranate tree before, in fact I wasn’t even sure they grew on trees.
There are limes …… but I think they may be a bit sour peeled, segmented  and eaten on their own, but very nice refreshing addition to a Cuba Libra cocktail!
Picture 584
…… And bananas, how brilliant is that?  Lucy even has them on her balcony
…… And grapes are dangling everywhere ….. when I think of what I pay for a bunch at our village Tesco Express ….. and these are all for free! It’s a veritable cornucopia!

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Mr. said...

A rather fruity blog today. You could even make grape juice or wine if you have time. Here they put lime and salt in beer. I doubt it counts as one of your 5 a day.
Mr. D