Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Monkey’s Inadvertent Turkish Adventure Part 13 - Sightseeing

We went on a little trip to the next town ….
We looked at the boats …….Picture 689
…… and saw a Fish and Chip Shop Boat – how brilliant is that? 
Picture 687
But to be honest,I don't think I will ever be able to eat fish again after being at one with them in the sea, it would seem a little canabalistic. I was wondering weather a chip shop barge/boat would go down well on the cut/canal down the road from us in Wolverhampton, could be a gold mine or a financial disaster.

Picture 668
We went to the fruit market where I purchased the biggest bag of cherries you’ve ever seen. I love cherries but they are too expensive in England, my huge bag cost me about £3, they were fat and juicy and enough 5 a day to last a week!
P1010053    Picture 670
We were enticed into a little restaurant with a lovely view and shelter from the sun ....
Picture 671
...... but I was careful to check that duck wasn’t on the menu - I think after this holiday I will have trouble with eating anything with eyes.
Picture 684
After haggling in the market for some evil eyes and ladies trinkets to take back as presents and enjoying several turkish teas, we decided to wend our way back to the Dolmus Rank and return to Olu Deniz hopefully to be back in time for a couple or three Happy Hours along the main bar area.  I have quite a collection of cocktail paraphenalia now ...... I could make a scrapbook called "Drinks What I Have Drunk"

Picture 682
What a dead good day!

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Mr. said...

Fish and chip boat - did someone have their rod over the side? Catching and cooking very fresh fish.
A very sophisticated Monkey - with the cocktails. Are you old enough to drink alcohol?