Saturday, 21 August 2010

Monkey’s Inadvertent Turkish Adventure – The Finale.

Lucy decided to declare me at Customs so that I could fly home properly and not in her suitcase. I listened diligently to the safetly instructions, feeling for my lifejacket, practising my brace position and hoping that I could reach my oxygen mask if it were to be released.  I was a little nervous as there was a LOT of turbulence over Herzegovina, so I only really picked at  my in flight meal of sausage and mash, crackers and cheese and a Lily O’Brien Chocolate Brownie plus coffee. I also refrained from buying any Duty Free, a Thomas Cook scratchcard, or hiring a Gamestation, but I did fill in the passenger feedback form, saying that I was now a bona fide international traveller, not a stowaway, and thanked them for a lovely holiday even if it had been inadvertant.
I can’t wait to see Darrell to give him his presents and tell him about all my adventures, but it’ll be 4 o’clock  when we get in, so I'll try not to disturb him, I don't think I could cope with an excited Darrell at that time of the morning.

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Mr. D said...

A vicarious inadvertent Turkish adventure for us all. What a delight.