Sunday, 15 August 2010

It’s Time To Celebrate!!!

I hope you don’t mind me breaking from my Inadvertent Turkish Adventure just this once, BUT, I have some VERY exciting news to impart ……. this blog is ONE YEAR OLD today! That’s a total of 399 posts, I’m not quite sure how that came about  ……… but we must have had 34 days where extra exciting things happened!
As Darrell would say ……… Wooo Hoooo Hoooooo!Picture 531
If I could, you know I would have loved to have invited you ALL to our party to enjoy “Meat”, “Fish” or “Vegetarian” with us.
Part Food
…… And I know a couple of you would have offered to do a “Party Food Review” ….. for one of our posts.
Party Food
But in the end we decided to keep things quite simple and unostentatious, as is our style.
Time To Celebrate 1
And use it as a time of quiet reflection and to wonder what the next year could/will bring! ………………………
Picture 529
BUT ……… Darrell and I have been offered a special £40 voucher to give to one of our readers to celebrate our blogging success by the lovely people at – so as soon as the details are sorted will we launch our giveaway …………….. how BRILLIANT is that !!!
If we won we fancied these mugs and a cake stand!!!
Artland Simplicity Cake Stand with Dome


Ali said...

Wow - Congrats monkey!!! Jack & Tom send you big hugs and wish they could visit - lol

KraftyKaren said...

Well done Monkey - I love your blog you never fail to make me smile xxx

deborah said...

Happy Birthday Monkey, what a great year it has been for you all.
You are the first place I visit everyday and I even adopted 2 little monkeys myself, Jacques and Lola because you are all so adorable.
Have a great day xxxx

Phil Davison said...

Wow. One year old and 20,000 hits. (Sounds painfull - worse than the bumps.) In addition you have a prize giveaway and a link to the site - getting into the big time eh?