Sunday, 29 August 2010

The Real McCoy

 Picture 052
I knew that the one thing that Darrell was desperate to try from my travels was real Turkish - Turkish Delight. A doner kebab holds no mystery for him, but  the thought of tasting Eastern Promise sent little shivers down his spine in a foreign comestible type way.
He’s tried this ……. but it just isn’t the same!
Picture 053
So when Darrell thought he’d had all of his surprises from me, I sat him down at the table and said we were going to nibble in the manner of Sultans.
Picture 057
To see the delight (and sugar) on his face (and fingers) was a joy akin to watching Wolves win at the Molineux. Bless him.


Devon said...

Mmmm, Turkish delight lol I hope you enjoyed it Darrell xx

Mr. D said...

Whilst nibbling, did you have visions of belly dancers? I attempted to belly dance on a table but in a Greek restaurant. I didn't have the belly nor the rhythm. Why not teach Darrell to be a whirling dervish? A bit like the Tazmanian Devil but with an ascetic touch.