Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Monkey’s Inadvertent Turkish Adventure Part 7 – Azda Price!

Picture 568
I am having such a fantastic time here in Turkey, it’s very different in some ways but I have found a few things here that remind me of home like ………
Azda, it’s brilliant!  It’s now my holiday supermarket of choice when getting a few nibbles for my picnic lunches on the beach.
Picture 663
I love looking at all the different biscuits and sweeties and have decided to take a small smorgasbord of these delicacies back for Darrell so he too can taste “Turkey”, like what I have done.
This is just the Turkish Delight section!!  It’s BRILLIANT, I never knew it came in so many different flavours …..! It would take me and Darrell forever to do a confectionary review on all this!
This shop also reminded me of home,  but it was mostly full of towels, pillows and belly dancing outfits which, to be honest,  don’t really hold much interest to me.

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Phil Davison said...

Darrell can "taste turkey" but you can "talk turkey." We have a Walmart nearby but there is also a Waldos Mart. Methinks the latter are a little sneaky.