Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Darrell’s First Cocktail

This post contains flashing images
I showed Darrell all the cocktail paraphenalia I had collected from my many "Happy Hours" in Turkey, he was very impressed.
He was in awe of all my wondrous treasures and couldn’t believe that you could actually get a drink with sparklers and umbrellas and bits of fruit stuck round the rim, "It sounds like a posh runny pudding!" he said…. and he loved all the romantic names like Tequilla Sunrise and Banana Cow.
And then he gave me one of his looks that said  ….. "I want to try a cocktail of my own".  What could I do ? I said I would make him one, but only with orange squash and lemonade, and  as I didn't have any fruit, I'd have to use slices of cucumber and tomato instead. I also told him that when I lit the sparkler we were to stay VERY, VERY still, because I was using a full size sparkler left over from bonfire night (I didn't have any cocktail sparklers unfortunatley) and it would get very hot and we didn't want to get hit by a rogue sparkle.
I apologise for the abrupt end to our short film, but as you will hear at the end all three of our fire alarms went off!   But at least granted  Darrell his wish!  I have a spooky feeling that cocktails will now become Darrell's refreshing drink of choice from now on, bless him.

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Mr. D said...

Three fire alarms - belt and braces eh? Have you noticed how many "Happy Hours" last much more than 60 minutes?