Thursday, 5 August 2010

Monkey’s “Inadvertent” Turkish Adventure Part 1.

We arrived at our hotel in time for breakfast, which was fortuitous, because after spending almost 10 hours in Lucy’s suitcase, without sustenance other than a small squeeze of Colgate toothpaste, I was a tadge peckish.
I usually have Oat So Simple or Frosties for breakfast, so having cucumber and a huge portion of beef tomato on my plate is quite a novelty, but at least I am certain of having all my 5 a day during my stay before 10 o’clock!
The buffet breakfast is quite extensive, but I have to be honest and say I am not very partial to olives, so although I want to embrace all things Turkish, I will not be having olives on toast as my holiday breakfast of choice.
Picture 558
After breakfast, I took the opportunity to get my bearings, the hotel is beautiful, surrounded by mountains and paragliders, who, I gather, cascade down by us all day long.
Picture 564
We have a small balcony where I can people watch and see when there is a lounger free.
Picture 567
The pool is very tempting, but before I could do anything Lucy had to take me shopping to find me some swimming trunks and a few new clothes as I only had the clothes I had “travelled” in.  It's brilliant because all the clothes in the shops are "designer" so I will be mostly wearing Dolce and Gabbana and carrying my trunks and towel (Yves St. Laurent)  in a Louis Vuitton sports holdall!

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Mr. D said...

I never had you pegged as a designer label type of person. Haute couture mon ami?