Saturday, 28 August 2010

We’ve Had Cool Mail ….. Man!

Picture 118
We’ve had a letter and present combo from Sean a real cool cat, who is one of our top fans - “Hi Five, Sean man!”. It came right out of the blue, and caused much excitement at our crib.
Picture 119
His letter was real bad, he is a Jazz musician and has kindly offered us some cookin’ advice after we said that we thought we might try finding our untapped musical talents via the medium of Jazz.  He also included some links that we can visit, which is the bomb!
Picture 120
Picture 121
The present was the end, a really funky pencil and a fly pencil sharpener with monkeys on, they are far out. Sean said that they were to use when we are making notes on our favourite acts on the X Factor.
Picture 125
Picture 131
“Thank you Sean, they are smokin’ and we are very lucky dudes”  We have got some Aka Bilk and Howling Wolf CD’s to listen too and we’ll let you know when we start jammin for real.


Mr. D said...

Is that "Jive talk" man?

Anonymous said...

Hi Monkey and Darrell,

I am commenting on behalf of my little girl, Ezri, who is four years old. She has been a big fan of yours for quite a while now, because she has a monkey of her very own who lives with us, called tinkerbell. Tinkerbell is a little smaller than you guys and is generally looking a bit swamped in ‘baby Annabel’ clothes. I think I might need to brush up on my sewing machine skills! She comes with us everywhere though and enjoys adventures much like you. Most recently she came camping with us in Dorset and had a great time! We’ll have to send you a picture some time. Keep up the good blogging work xx

deborah said...

What lucky monkeys you are, hope you are enjoying tonight's x factor xx