Tuesday, 24 August 2010

X Factor is Back!

It’s hard to believe but it’s a whole year since we were rooting for either Joe and Stacey to get to the X Factor final last year.
Watching X Factor 1
Fortunately, I didn’t suffer too much jet lag and so was able to fully enjoy our favourite search for undiscovered musical talent show of choice.
Watching X Factor 2
We both missed Dannii, as we are not too keen on Gerri Halliwell (bit barking in our estimation).  But Cheryl, who Darrell adores, looked fragrant despite sickening for malaria.
Watching X Factor 3
We try not to get involved in the sob stories but sometimes it’s hard not to and then we fill up and get emotional.
Watching X Factor
We know it’s wrong to wish our lives away ……. but we can’t wait till next Saturday!
Watching X Factor 4
We said we were going to enter this year ……. but as of yet we still haven’t worked out which musical genre brings out our untapped talent …… we are considering having a go at jazz, as we are quite good at doing all that doooobbby, doobbby, boo,boo,boo improvised stuff they do.


Mr. D said...

Is this a talent show or a singing show? If it is a talent show, perhaps you could do a mime act.

Anj said...

i think you two would make a BRILLIANT double act or duo - (which ever is the correct term) x x x