Thursday, 12 August 2010

Monkey’s Inadvertent Turkish Adventure – Part 8 – Beach Snacks

Yesterday I told you about Azda and how brilliant it was and today I thought I would show you some of the Turkish snack items I have been enjoying on the  beach when I have felt peckish.
I love the sour cherry nectar, as I am very partial to cherries but not the stones. I am never sure whether to spit the stones out willy nilly hoping they won’t hit anyone, swallow them and risk having a cherry tree grow in my stomach, or delicately place them in a tissue ….. so drinking cherry juice seems a much simpler way of enjoying my favourite fruit.
Picture 563
And these are my very, very, very favourite crisps, tomato ketchup flavour crinkle crisps, I really wish I could get them at home because they are lovely!
Picture 562
They are my Turkish potato snack of choice while I am here and I never go to the beach without them.

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Phil Davison said...

Why do "they" call the pips stones? Who are "they?" We need to know. You could use the cherry stones to try for the cherry pit spitting world record. (Why "pit?")
You could fill your bag with these crisps.
Mr. D