Wednesday, 4 August 2010

An Unintentional Stowaway.

 Stowaway 1
I am not sure how this happened …..  but one minute I was checking Lucy’s holiday suitcase,  making sure she had packed her Factor 30 and favourite pink flip flops with the flower on the front,  when it all went very dark, followed by a lot of bumping and swaying and then a very loud  humming noise …. it was fortuitous that I found myself in an air pocket within her case, otherwise goodness knows what would have happened to me.
It seems that I have inadvertently accompanied Lucy to Turkey ….. there is very little I can do now other than enjoy my unexpected holiday. I have never been abroad, so obviously I am excited but in a very understated way as I would hate Lucy to think this was anything other that a most unfortunate accident. I have e-mailed Darrell to inform him of my predicament, and Auntie Jan to ask if Darrell can stay with her while I am away.

Seems like a very nice place!!!!


Mr. D said...

Wow - that lagoon is very blue. Sounds like a movie.

Candycane said...

What a "terrible" thing to happen ey Monkey?

Sal and Sheeps xXx