Friday, 27 August 2010

Treasures from A Far Away Land

Darrell has been fascinated by all the little bits I have bought back from Turkey, like the stones I collected on the beach.
He especially liked the heart shaped stones I like to collect, but which are hard to find.DSC00648
I was waxing lyrical and told him that they were the hearts of sailors who feel in love with beautiful mermaids but drowned in tempest tossed seas trying to find their beloved in a storm. His eyes misted over a little and he gave a little sigh and said sadly "If only they had had a snorkle, mask, flippers and an underwater torch, ......." and sniffed.
He also loved looking at my Azda receipts and sunbed and umbrella tickets
He was very funny when he tried to read the receipts out aloud, the only thing he could say properly was Kat Kat Tat and he laughed so much I thought he was going to have a little accident!
I can’t fathom why I put the tooth picks in amongst my treasures ……… and Darrell didn’t seem too impressed by them either, perhaps I should have told him a romantic tale about them too!

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Mr. D said...

Does that mean you have a heart of stone Monkey?