Monday, 23 August 2010

A Smorgosbord of Turkish Delights

Picture 198
When Darrell and I finally woke up after my disturbing him in the early hours of the morning, I bought him my gift of Azda’s finest comestibles.
Picture 205
He couldn’t believe that there was an actual  Azda where I was, but it reassured him that I had had adeqaute nutritional snacks while I was away.
Picture 203
He pored over his gift for ages and was amused by some of the names they had.
Picture 200
He chuckled and said he couldn’t wait to see what Loony’s tasted like and thought asking a Turkish shopkeeper if they had any Kat Kat Tat’s in stock would be hard to do with a straight face
 Picture 210
He was particularly taken by the pufs, they look like marshmallow tea cakes, but are bright orange with pink, brown and white sprinkles and a chocolate covered base. He said he would like to experience one of these first, but after breakfast, naturally.
Picture 209
We are hopefully going to review all these delicacies with, perhaps, a few serving suggestions, this could prove most helpful/useful to any of our readers travelling to Turkey in the future.  We are also wondering whether we should review them on TripAdvisor …..

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Mr. D said...

Did you sneak a loony into the country? I suspect there are many in Wolverhampton.