Wednesday, 4 August 2010

More Correspondence from the BBC & The Man Who Writes Paul O’Grady’s Envelopes.

After all the excitement of Paul O’Grady sending us a signed photograph it was only good manners that we should write to him to say “Thank You”. 
We never expected a reply, but how kind is this?

We think the other “Paul” was a little confused by our writing “US” in capital letters in our e-mail due to our great excitement and seems to think we live in America, but that doesn’t really matter.
 Framed Paul O'Grady

We have sent the other Paul an e-mail with a picture of us with our framed picture of Paul and have promised we won’t pester him again, as we realise how busy he must be addressing the real Paul’s envelopes.


Angie said...

I think he may be even more confused now lol xx

PepPop said...

You should have sent him your blog address and he might have became your newest follower :) Jaqui x

Mr. D said...

A classy photo in a classy frame. I met President Obama over Easter but never got a photo.