Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Thank You Paul O’Grady

Do you remember two Sundays ago I told you about how much I love listening to Paul O’Grady when I am doing the ironing ….. well you’ll never guess what ….
BBC Envelope (8)
He’s sent me and Darrell a signed photograph, we are soooooooooooooo excited, we just don’t know where to put ourselves.
BBC Envelope BBC Envelope (1)
We couldn’t believe it when the postman handed us a BBC envelope addressed to Monkey and Darrell yesterday morning ……
BBC Envelope  from Paul O'Grady
We opened it ever so gingerly and couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw who it was from! I admit to feeling very emotional and goose bumpy.
BBC Envelope (5)
I found it very hard to sleep last night thinking that Paul O’Grady knows who we are and took time out of his busy schedule to sign a photo and send it to us.
BBC Envelope (9)
This is a special treasure and will be very carefully looked after and we will naturally e-mail his show to thank him.
BBC Envelope (10)
We are not sure if Paul actually addressed the envelope himself, but we are keeping the envelope as it is very special too.
We have to say that Paul does take a lovely photo.

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Mr. D said...

"We have to say that Paul does take a lovely photo." Surely someone else took the photo of Paul? Tee hee.
Opened it gingerly? Did you wear an orange wig?