Friday, 13 August 2010

Monkey’s Inadvertent Turkish Adventure – Part 9 – Swimming in the Turquoise Sea.

Mum in the sea
Nothing quite prepares you for the colour of the sea in Turkey, each day when we get to the beach, it fair takes my breathe away. I was desperate to go in and enjoy it’s pleasures but I confess I have never swum before and was not even sure I would be able to float. However mum, who would like to be a mermaid in another life, took me in with her and taught me to swim …… how brilliant is that?
It turns out that I am a natural ……..
Once I was in, I didn’t want to come out.
However, after a while, my fingers got all pruney and I was pretty soaked through. It appears that I have very absorbent skin and it takes quite a while to get dry, fortunately it’s so hot in Turkey it didn’t take that long!
This has got to be the best holiday ever!

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Phil Davison said...

Rather porous are we? I suspected as much. What about the suntan lotion? Does that sink in too or don't you need it?
The sea in the Yucatán is turquoise. I thought they doctored the photos before I saw it for real.
Mr. D