Friday, 22 April 2011

Nigel Has A Friend Round To Play

Nigel and Kevin
Nigel and his mate Marcel are almost identical, if ever they swop their clothes we are in BIG trouble! (Nigel’s the one in the purple sweater).
Playing Shop
Marcel came to play for the first time yesterday, which was a special occasion for both him and Nigel.  They both wanted to play shops so it was most fortuitous that I had just bought a little play set from the 30p box in Ali’s papershop.
Picture 200 Picture 199
Marcel was the shopkeeper and Nigel was his helper.
Picture 203
They played happily for hours, Nigel was a little bit possessive with the shopping list, but Marcel is very mild natured, so let Nigel have his own way.
Picture 204
It was lovely to see them playing and chatter away, even if we didn’t have a clue what they were saying!! I think we will be seeing quite a lot of Marcel in the future.


Mr.D said...

Beans, more beans and bananas? Does Nigel want to sit in beans again?

Monkey said...

Monkey here. I think you are my long lost sibblings cos you could be me or me you cept I have to wear glasses cos I do a lot of reading.

marc said...

what fun Nigel has a friend and i cant wait to see their friendship grow every one needs friends big love marc