Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Our Royal Wedding Outfits

We were wondering what we should wear for the impending Royal Wedding, we were going to wear our England shirts, but then we got a parcel from our best friend Hugh who lives in Notting Hill and dreams of a showbiz life and look what he sent us ……….
Royal Wedding T-shirts
How perfect ……  t-shirts with printed waistcoats and dickie bows! Hugh suggested that we might embelish them with sequins, and Swarovski crystals, but we think that is more his style than ours, he is so outrageously flamboyant! We prefer to be a little understated, especially when it comes to matters of a Royal nature, one Queen is enough at any wedding ….. (though we think London will be teaming with them as William and Kate are bound to have invited them from all over the world)
As for our England shirts ……. we’ve decided to wear them for the Eurovision Song Contest on 14th May …. how exciting,  more flag waving!


Mr.D said...

Wow - more gifts. You are truly Blessed in a Brian sort of way. With sequins you would be flasher than Flash Gordon which is camp and has Queen music. Mmm.

Monkey said...

Don't put 2 and 2 together and make 5 Mr D !!!!

Julia Dunnit said...

Perfect tasteful attire for the Monkey about town on such a big day.

marc said...

So glad you like them if not sparkle may be crafty mum could do something with a red white Blue theam ,i think their will be lots of Queens and Kings out and about in lonond that day i expect one wont be able to get a seat on the tube due to all their crowns taking up extra seats I wrote to them saying i would play piano and sing at their do in the eveing but i think Elton john might have got in first never mind i might get to go on the honeymoon as i am sure they will need entertaing yours with high hopes big show biz wave Hugh

Mr.D said...

Monkey - it didn't make 5. Starting with your being blessed (Brian Blessed) in a Hello type of way, they were all references to Flash Gordon, the movie.