Sunday, 3 April 2011

Czech Confectionary Review – 2 Banana Bars and a Czech Bounty

Monky Bar
Because I bought quite a bit of Czech confectionary back from my trip, we have decided that it might be better to  review them  in several parts over the next week or so …. If Nigel had his way they’d all have been woofed down with gay abandon, where Darrell and I prefer to savour the experience of exotic and romantic foreign confectionary with a little less debauched haste.
Wrapped, both banana bars, “Banany" and “Monky”, looked tempting …
Banana Bars
Unwrapped ……… erm … they were not so tempting …..
Trying banana bar
Dark chocolate is not really our chocolate of choice… and though the bars had different names, they were surprisingly similar.
Nom Nom
We have to be honest and say we were a tadge disappointed, the chocolate had a crunchy sugary texture, which was in contrast to the rubbery banana filling … a little bit odd and perhaps a smidge too exotic for our taste. 
Bounty Bar
We must applaud Nigel though for his wholehearted enthusiasm throughout this review. 2 NOMS.
Czech Bounty Bar
The Bounty Bar - “Kokosino” faired a little better, as it was coated in milk chocolate, and was quite palatable …. 4 NOMS.
You will notice that Nigel was very taken with his Czech penny mix candy necklace …


Mr.D said...

The sweets on elastic bring back memories of my childhood (four) years ago. It set me off thinking of Lucky Bags and Beta bars too. Now these would certainly get plenty of noms.

marc said...

Mr D I love a lucky bag were i grew up they called them jamboree bags it had the lot sweets with a hyperfactor of 100% and a toy o sweet bliss and nigel i am liking it to dont go in the bath wearing it big love marc