Saturday, 16 April 2011

Homeward Bound And Surrounded By The Whiff of Lavender ….

It’s been a brilliant short break and Nigel has absolutely loved his first holiday by the sea. Our only regret was that the sea was too cold for him to have a paddle/swim and we were never at the site when the pool was open, but no doubt as the weather gets a little warmer an opportunity of a Duncan Goodhew type nature will arise.
Picture 141
We had a slow journey home, calling at Torquay. where  we found ourselves enticed into the Pavilion by the most wonderful old fashioned whiff……
Picture 142
We found a humungous display unit full of “Lavender Ladies “, there were millions of them, all niffing of lavender
Picture 143
How brilliant and romantic is that ? The poster explaining what it was all about made us laugh …. I am very much an admirer of Antony Gormley, especially as Monkey was on the Plinth in Trafalgar Square with Aunty Jan, and this was a wonderful homage to him!
Picture 144
But thank goodness it was a sealed “exhibit” because if Nigel had got in amongst it, I would never have found him as his jumper was exactly the same colour as the little ladies!
Picture 145
After the Pavillion we went to take one last lingering look at the sea ….
 Picture 134
Nigel wanted me to take a photo of a seagull for him but the nearest I got in the short time we had left was a pigeon that we had feed a bit of pasty to.
Picture 140
Nigel said it was ok because to be honest most birds looked the same to him anyway!
Picture 098
What is he like?
Picture 135
It was time to carry on back to Wolverhampton…… arrive derci seaside, bonjourno Monkey!


Mr.D said...

I saw an Antony Gormley exhibition in Mexico City last year but nothing with wonderful smells. I took Mrs.D to see The Angel of the North and I like his Iron:Man in Birmingham.
I grew lavender in my garden when I lived near Monkey. I should have stuffed it down my pants to keep me smelling sweet.

Mr.D said...

What's going on? I checked in after 6pm here, midnight in Monkeyland only to find no new exciting installment. Oh no.