Wednesday, 20 April 2011

……. But Which Is Best?

I like my Marmite on a toasted English Muffin with Bertolli spread …….
Picture 091
Whereas Darrell likes his Marmite on toast with real butter,
Marmite on Toast
But which is best?


Mr.D said...

Perhaps a more pertinent question:
Which is better, Marmite, Bovril or Vegemite (for the Antipodeans, from a land down under,) on toast/bread/pikelets(for the Brummies like Mrs.G.) An Australian colleague had a coveted jar of Vegemite at work last week.

P.S. Mrs.D and I are away until the 30th. Google "Parque Museo La Venta," "Palenque" and "Huatulco" for more details. We are taking a netbook so I may be online at times.

Monkey said...

Oooooo Mr D we tried Vegemite once ........ yuk! It has a very strange texture!! No nom noms we are afraid!

Mr.D said...

I have never tried Vegemite but the Ozzies seem to like it.

Di said...

What about a banana and Marmite toastie then? I wonder how many 'noms'?! Di x

Darrell said...

Missing you and Mrs D already, Hasta Manyana Mr D

Monkey and Mrs A. said...

Hi, My names Monkey too and I live with Mrs A. We have jut found your blog and so far we have read all the posts for 2009. I like your 3 B's but in my case I think we can dispense with the bum bit as we only have cats here! Back shortly to read up on 2010.
Hang in there. Monkey & Mrs A.

Sam said...

It has gotta be Marmite on toast with BUTTER and preferably Guernsey Butter - 4 Noms for that!!

P.S. I started using "Noms" after reading your blog and both Hubby and my friend knew what it meant without asking! LOL!!!

Mr.D said...

Hasta mañana indeed. Our laptops have a special ñ key. It is today here but already tomorrow in England.