Thursday, 28 April 2011

Fox’s Limited Edition Clearly British Celebration – A Prenuptial Confectionary Review

Fox's Clearly British Celebration
Look what Auntie Jan found for us, patriotic wedding sweeties of a boiled type nature from Fox’s (1p from every pack is donated to Help The Heroes)
Fox's Clearly British celebration Sweets
They come in raspberry, blueberry and cloudy lemonade flavours and we found them all quite refreshing on the palette. They will be a most welcome suckie sweet to suck  while we are waiting for all  the exciting wedding bits to begin! I daresay Fox’s have given the Queen a few for free to pop into her majestic handbag to calm her nerves and stave off any hunger pains before she gets to the wedding reception.
Fox's Gacier Fruits
Our only disappointment is that there isn’t actually a blue sweet in the pack, the sweets are pink, red and white.
Fox's Clearly British Celebration Sweeties
We surmise that this could be a health and safety issue, due to the harmful affects of artificial flavours and colourings. Heaven forbid if the Queen passed her free celebratory sweets along the regal pew in Westminster Abbey and they caused some of the royals to become hyperactive and excitable …..
Picture 066
Anyway we’ve  awarded Fox’s Clearly A British Celebration sweets 7 noms out of ten, mainly because of the lack of a true blue sweet!


Junie said...

Have a wonderful time watching the wedding tomorrow !!!!

marc said...

you make me smile so much,i could do with those sweets tonight boys as i am going to walk the royal wedding route soaking up the excitment and giving out little wedding party bags of home made goodies and things of a royal nature to those who have braved the streets of london to see the drama unfold before their very eyes and so that their adventure to london will be abit more special and a day to hold dear to their hearts big show biz wave Hugh

Mr.D said...

Red, white and PINK? Clearly wrong, but a lovely gesture. Maybe only the queen gets the blue ones.
What flavour is blue? Mint?