Sunday, 24 April 2011

The Easter Bunny Has Been

The Easter Bunny Has been
When we awoke from our slumbers this morning we found that the Easter Bunny had been, leaving an Easter Bucket at the end of the bed filled with lots of chocolately comestibles for us to share.  Nigel was so eggcited, it was hard to contain him ……. but little does he know that as an eggstra surprise I have hidden lots of other Easter goodies in the garden for a most  magical Easter Egg Hunt for him and Darrell to partake in this afternoon  ……..   shhhhhhhhhhhh……. don’t say anything but …..
Amogst the Forget Me Nots
There’s a foil wrapped chocolate lamb under the forget-me-nots ………
Bunny Money
……. Bunny money on the roller at the bottom of the garden ….
Amongst the Pansies
……Mini eggs amongst the pansies in the window box …..
Easter Egg Hunt 1
……. an egg under the noise sensor frog by the pool, I’ll know when Nigel and Darrell find this one, as he will croak like crazy ……(the frog, not Nigel …… well come to think of it, Nigel will probably croak too!
In the Hanging Basket
…… I’ve hidden caramel bunnies in the empty hanging basket on the shed,  they’ll never find these ….. unless they get a ladder……(NB I must make a note of all health and safety issues that may relevant here.)
In the peg basket
There are Easter Jellies in the peg tin….. another safe hiding spot I think, as both Nigel and Darrell are strangers to hanging out the washing ….
Picture 031
….. and a bubbly lamb on the no smoking sign in the vegetable patch ….
Picture 034
The gnome mum and dad got for their 25th wedding anniversary is hiding another egg ……
Under the Christmas tree Easter Egg Hunt
…… and finally there are jelly fried eggs under the branches of the Christmas tree. We will have the most splendid and jolly time before settling down to an Easter tea of  Simnel cake and salmon sandwiches, followed by The Antiques Roadshow! We are truly blessed in the most eggcellent of ways!

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Mr.D said...

Eggsellent, eggsiting, eggsacting, eggsotic and plain chocolate eggs. The caramel ones sound great.
P.S. It was 98 degrees fahrenheit in Southern Mexico today. I think the eggs would have melted.
P.P.S. Stacey Solomon is currently "trending" at number 2 in Yahoo UK. I suspect a certain Monkey has something to do with this.
P.P.S.S. Does he have unfettered access to the internet?