Sunday, 10 April 2011

Everyone’s A Winner, That’s No Lie!

So…..  how did our horses fair yesterday?  It was all very exciting ….
Picture 166
We very much enjoyed all the pre race coverage and listening for our horses to be mentioned, when they were, we all cheered.
Picture 167
Part of us wished we had a few real pennies on the race, a bit of extra money would be nice, but, if we lost everything, we would be totally gutted, thinking of the things we could have bought with the money we had frittered away, so betting with Red Nose Day chocolate coins seemed to be the most sensible option.
betting on Grand National 2011
We sat on the settee clutching the names of our horses. The tension was palpable.
Horses Grand national 2011
We shouted and then sighed when Darrell and Nigel’s horses fell by the wayside …..
Watching Grand National 2011
But when we saw that my horse Oscar Time was left and in with a chance,  we went bananas, jumping up and down and shouting him on. It’s a good job we have lovely neighbours who don’t mind our occasional bouts of exceptional excitement ….. which reminds me, I must warn them that the Eurovision Song Contest is coming up soon!
Grand National Winnings 2011
Oscar Time came in second, how brilliant was that? And I won a big pile of chocolate coins ….. which I shared equally with Darrell and Nigel, so it was a it was happy situation of a win win type nature!


Mr.D said...

That's the name of the game. Sharing the winnings makes is a great time for all.

Julia Dunnit said...

Wasn't it great...glad you won and shared..we didn't have any choccie money,sadly....we used chickpeas, and ended up not even having a place!

marc said...

i was with you all the way and was even more excited becuase of your mistic meg way of picking horses fab nd fun for all its even better with out money as you say you still coins in hand with all the fun big show biz hug Hugh