Friday, 29 April 2011

They’re Going to The Abbey, And They’re Going To Get Married …..

We are so excited …. today’s the day!
Picture 100 Picture 101
Last night Darrell put up our royal wedding bunting as he didn’t want us to have a big rush in the morning …..
Hanging Out the Royal Wedding Bunting
I expect the Queen has decked her gardens at Buckingham Palace in a very similar fashion, but her bunting of choice probably came from a posh  London shop like Liberty, not the 99p Shop in Wolverhampton like ours.
Picture 091
Darrell was very careful with his bunting hanging, making sure it was all evenly spaced……
Picture 102
…… and I have to say he made a fantastic job of it, I even have to admit to filling up a little when I saw his efforts.
Wedding day Muffins
Darrell also prepared some nomtasic, gourmet, prenuptial blueberry muffins for our wedding morn’ breakfast,  after which we will get ourselves ready to watch the fairytale unfold before us. I think on the quiet Darrell quite fancies himself as a bit of a wedding planner, he has taken all this preparation very much to heart!
Picture 097
It’s going to be such a wonderful day …. we are so excited and deeply proud of our royal heritage, the Queen is our number one favourite person in the whole wide world.
Picture 093
The lemonade is on ice …… let’s get this party started ……
We hope to bring you  more pictures throughout the day to show you how our day has gone …..


Anj said...

Have a fabby day - woo hoo!!

Anonymous said...

Have a fantastic day!! Wish that I could join you!! Betty

Mr.D said...

A 99p shop in Wolverhampton?
I would open a 98p one!