Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Confectionary Review – The Comparing and Contrasting of British and Czech Smarties.

Smarties Confectionary Review Presents from The Czech Republic
Today, we are presenting you with two tubes of chocolate beans, Smarties and Lentilky, similar packaging …. but let us examine them further ….
Picture 743
The Smarties a slightly bigger and thicker but the Lentilky are more colourful, and we very much liked the cheerfulness of the yellow beans.
And the taste Nigel?  What his facial expressions and little jibber jabberings conveyed was as follows ……
The Smarties have it.  The shell of the Lentilky is much thicker and crunchier which leads to you loosing the  chocolate a little  while you are masticating, the shell on the Smarties however is less dense allowing the chocolate to come to the fore. Smarties 7 NOMS, Lentilky 4 NOMS. Thank you Nigel, as succinct as ever!

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Mr.D said...

Wow. Nigel is a real wordsmith. He will be doing crosswords in next to no time.