Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter Monday Village Fair

Holy Cross Easter Monday Fair
Every year (except last year for some reason) our village has an Easter Monday Fair, they block the main street and fill it full of exciting stalls ……and all the money goes to the little church, how brilliant is that?
Easter Monday
It was REALLY crowded and I had to push a little to see things, but I felt a bit guilty,  as this was a sort of holy occasion and it was like I was putting myself before others.
Bilbrook Book Sta  Easter Monday Fayre
But I did manage to have a good look at the books …… but nothing caught my fancy. And I bought some tickets on the Bottle Tombola to see if I could win some bubble bath or tomato sauce,  but it wasn’t my lucky day!
Toy Stall Bilbrook Easter Monday Fayre
But I did find some interesting things on the old toy stall ……… and that’s where I spent most of my money…..
Holy Cross Easter Market Fire Engine
I would have liked to have had a little sit in the driving seat of the fire engine and perhaps rung the bell, but there a HUGE queue, so I just had a good look at the helmets and hoses.
Picture 129 
Before I left,  I stood and listened to the organ for a little while. The music was very romantic and evocative of bygone times. I dare say,  I had lived in the olden days, I might have found myself helping to “grind” an organ such as this.
Lady Wulfrun Organ
I can’t believe all these exciting things were all going on within a few yards of our house, and as it was a warm day, we had all the windows open so I could still hear the organ tutting out tunes like Tulips from Amsterdam, Crystal Chandeliers  and The Dambusters Theme as I showed Nigel the wonderful things I had found amongst the stalls…
.Bilbrook Easter Monday Fair
….. some building blocks and some wooden dominoes …. I wanted them for crafty purposes,  but it won’t do any harm to left him play with them for a while …they might even help him learn to spell his name .
Nigels spells his name


Mr.D at 98°F said...

Nigel may think his name is "25XTV1."
Good to know Lady Wulfrun's organ still works. Is that Lady Di I spy in the photo?

Helen said...

Yes Mr D ..... Lady/Princess Di was indeed in the picture, inspecting the organ