Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Wedding Preparation

Us excited ……..?  However did you guess?
Royal Wedding Preparation
We’ve been busy making matrimonial paperchains to festoon our lounge for the big day (as indeed the Queen and Prince Phillip must be doing too, but they, naturally, have their servants to lick their paperchains for them) While we were doing this Darrell came up with the brilliant idea of making  a paper crown for each of us, as befitting the celebratory circumstance!
Picture 059 Picture 071
We’ve made the badges …..
Royal Wedding paperchains Picture 072
…… and bought the tea towel…… from Aldi
Aldi Royal Wedding Tea Towel
And we have also sorted out our wedding outfit etiquette …. we have decided to wear a shirt and tie when watching the wedding service, but after, when the royal newly weds go back to the Palace, we will then change into our less formal yet smart t-shirts. We pride ourselves on our great sense of occasion, which we put down to reading Hello Magazine and now and again The Tattler
.Picture 061
We are almost ready …. as is our good mate Hugh (who lives in Notting Hill and dreams of a celebrity showbiz life), he has had his outfit made especially ……
Hughes Jacket
It’s very beautiful, and we are all a little envious. Darrell said he was endanger of out queening the Queen! Hugh is so outrageously flamboyant, but he can get away with it!


Mr.D said...

Loking good but I won't be getting up for the 3am start.
Do you read The Tattler in the dentist's waiting room or elsewhere?

marc said...

We cant wait to go but i hope my jacket will be finnished it time you boys will look so smart i must not get to near the front my jacket might scare the horses if the sun reflects of it but i will shine for them all day big showbiz royal weddingday wave Hugh