Thursday, 14 April 2011

A Day Out In Brixham

We decided to go went to Brixham yesterday as there is lots to do there.  First we did a bit of shopping to get Monkey small present.
Picture 080 
After a lot of looking we eventually agreed on a pirate bracelet for him.
Pirate Bracelet
We thought it would be something that he could wear on Talk Like  A Pirate Day later on in the year.
 Window Shopping in Brixham
The idea came to us after we had admired a pirate ship that someone had parked in the harbour.
Picture 084
Picture 082
All the sea air made us hungry  and we both fancied a bite to eat.
Picture 089
Nigel chose the beans and cheese on toast, but I decided to embrace Devon traditions and plumped for a Cornish pasty!
Picture 087
There were happy nom’s all round.
Picture 096
After our light repast Nigel was desperate to be near the sea again and hopefully to see someone fishing …. how fortuitous then that there was such a person on the breakwater doing exactly that ….
Picture 104
Nigel’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw that the gentleman had caught several small fish called wrasse.
Little wrasse
They were very beautiful and the gentleman was very kind to them, making sure that they were returned to the sea safe and sound.
Picture 105
When he put them back into the sea Nigel tried to look for them, but they swam away very quickly.
 Picture 111
What a brilliant day!
Picture 094
Which we rounded off with a game of hide and seek in the rocks.
Picture 117 Picture 118
Picture 120
Picture 121
Picture 122
Picture 119


Mr.D said...

Rather than get a pirate bracelet, why not buy a genuine one?
Did you see any limpets? Do you think monkey has eyes like limpet pools?

marc said...

I think monkey will love his Pirate
Bracelet and wow what a fish it looks so tropical i am glad that it was put back safley you both look like your having fun big love marc

Di said...

Might have known that Nigel would choose the beans :)) Great to share your holiday with us. Di xx