Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Cheese Pie - Our Unexpected Visitor Supper Dish of Choice …..

We know we are not the best cooks in the world and that convenience  foods are not really the way to go …..
Cheese Pie Recipe
….. but we thought we would share a recipe that we devised ourselves for a very quick supper dish,  ideal for when friends turn up unexpectedly in a highly peckish state.
You will need a packet of Smash, some cheese and a knob of butter. First make up the Smash, then add the butter.
Grating Cheese
Next, grate the cheese, being very careful not to grate your knuckles or fingers in your hurry to share your hospitality.
Nom Nom Nom
Mix in the cheese, but leave a bit to put on the top. Pop into a hot oven, for about 15 – 20 mins. then serve with baked beans.  Your success and reputation as a consummate host to unexpected visitors  will be assured by the nomming that your guests will make as they tuck in.
Picture 115
Bon appétit!

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Mr.D said...

Agreed - knuckles and graters don't go together.
This is a great quick recipe tip. No Smash round here but we do have puré de papa. Not to be confused with puré de papá which ould be puréed dad. Mind you, no baked beans either!