Friday, 29 April 2011

Our Official Royal Wedding Pictures!

Well, now it’s gone a bit quiet and while we, like everyone else in the country are waiting for the balcony scene at about 1.30pm, we thought we would share the first of our official royal wedding photos with you …..
1 Royal Wedding Official Photographs 
We have all felt the sense of occasion deeply ….
Picture 104
…… and sense that we have, in some small way,  been part of a very historical day.
Picture 105
It was ALL very beautiful and we were moved by all the pomp and circumstance. What a lovely couple!


Debs said...

So glad you enjoyed your day Hugs Bee and Dee

Mr.D said...

"Pomp and circumstance?" Did they paly a bit of Elgar? He lived not that far from you.