Thursday, 7 April 2011

Have You Returned Your Census Form?

Have you returned your census form? 
Friends Forever
Make sure you do …… because Aunty Jan could be knocking on your door at anytime. She has undergone intense training of a Censorial Collection type nature and is now  fully functional. She has got lots of pens in her bag ….. so there is no excuse!


Debs said...

We've done it hurray so no knocking on our door. Thank you for all entertainment dear monkeys and monkey's mum Bee and Dee

marc said...

I have been good to but if i new Aunty Jane was going to be knocking on my door i would have waited and put the kettle on for a nice cup of tea and a bit of cake
big love marc

Mr.D said...

We had a census last year. Someone came and questioned me. They filled the form in then and there. Simples.
At the tax office, they ask you the colour of your front door for some strange reason.