Monday, 18 April 2011

Beyond Knitting – Above And Below The Sea.

Picture 181
Can you believe this beautiful mermaid is knitted? She’s lovely.
Picture 176
Her name is Syrene and she was part of a huge installation at the Creative Stitches at the NEC helping to raise funds for the RNLI. It took 2,000 people to knit and you could even walk inside it.  How brilliant is that?
Picture 180
It took my breathe away, it was so wonderful, there were knitted crabs, lobsters, Punch and Judy, fish, seagulls, pirates, everything.
Knitted Pirates
But the mermaid was my very favourite
Picture 182
I wonder how long it would take me to knit a mermaid?
Knitted Mermaid
And where would I get a pattern from?
Knitting A Mermaid
Perhaps, I should start with something a bit easier, like a piece of seaweed, especially as it looks like Nigel wants to help me!
If you want to know more about “Above and Below the Sea” click on the link below
RLNI knitted mermaid


Junie said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh they had all this on display at the creative stitches show back in March at Glasgow IT WAS AMAZING !!! We loved looking at it !!!

Mr.D said...

Impressive work. I bet they can't knit the water.