Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding – Wasn’t It Fine?

Picture 158
We are just so very fortunate to live on this septic isle ….
Picture 159
The wedding …… all the pomp and circumstantial evidence, it was just too wonderful for words and we both admit to filling up so many times during the morning that our hankies were quite damp at the end of it all….
Picture 145
Auntie Jan has a very spooky Derek Acorah moment as she said she thought that the Queen would be wearing yellow as there was no one else in Westminster Abbey wearing it.  She thought that the invitation must have said, “You are cordially invited NOT to wear yellow ‘cos that colour has been bagsed already, by Her Maj”
Picture 149 !
And how lovely did Kate look? Even Darrell remarked that much as he adores Stacey Solomon, even she couldn’t have looked more beautiful than Kate did today.
Picture 151
When Harry turned to William at the alter and said “Wait till you see what’s coming”, that’s when we filled up for about the tenth time.  He looked at her so lovingly.
The Kiss Royal Wedding 2011
As for the kiss …… we both sighed ….. so romantic …
Picture 169
We have both decided that we would like to wear a military uniform at least once in our lives ….. even we would look handsome ….
Picture 170
But, we were glad we weren’t wearing uniforms when we tucked into our matrimonial Tesco profiterole stack as, though we ate them very carefully, cream squirted everywhere …..and so our lovely white shirts are now in the wash!
Picture 167
Wasn’t it good, wasn’t it fine, so much happiness, we had a brill time! …….. sniff!


Junie said...

Glad you had a fantastic time watching the wedding !!! So did we !!! LOVED IT

Anj said...

the day could not have been any better - simply brilliant!

Mr.D said...

The Bard called it this "scepter'd isle" and not septic isle. Unless the pollution has gotten a lot worse. Made me smile.
Her Maj bagsied yellow - made me lol. (Look at me, using test speak!)
Miltary uniform - you would look handsome in prison uniform.

Julia Dunnit said...

Fine is just the word - it was marvellous. I blubbed too. It was necessary. And now I wish we'd had profiteroles too. I did traditional trifle; went down well, but yummm, hadn't thought about profiteroles! Great pictures boys.