Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Nigel’s First Sun £9.50 Holiday – A Day In Dartmouth

Picture 012
The egg cups we found in the kitchen last night have come in rather useful as Nigel was having a bit of difficulty drinking from a mug, an egg cup has proved to be just the right size for his breakfast quaff of coffee.
Dartmouth Boat Trip
We had planned on going on a boat trip round the coast to Dartmouth, but we erm….. got up rather later than planned, so we went there on the car ferry instead.
Kingswear ferry
This was just as exciting for Nigel, as he had never been on any sort of boat before.  The ferry was only a short journey, the boat trip would have taken an hour and the risk of Nigel being seasick, especially in his excited state would have been far greater (and would also have taken the shine off a wonderful adventure for him.)
Picture 048
We went to an inn where they filmed the Onedin Line (a bit before our time) where we drank up the atmosphere…….
Picture 050
…. and feasted greatly.
Seasoned French Fries
Nigel plumped for seasoned French fries, and seeing as it was a special occasion I let him have tomato sauce and salad cream at the same time on them.
Picture 071
After lunch we found a bench and sat for ages just looking at the wonderful vista. 
Picture 070
Nigel loved everything ……
Picture 072
and sat still for longer than I had ever known him too before
Picture 064
But then, who could blame him!


marc said...

it brings a tear of joy to one eye to see him so happy his little face is a picture of real joy and what a view big love marc

Mr.D said...

Showing my age, I remember The Onedin line. A little before mum's time?
Nigel still hasn't finished his sweet necklace. He must have great self-control.
Dartmouth looks great. Did you see the ponies?

Anj said...

looks fab - enjoy! x x x