Friday, 29 April 2011

Our Official Unofficial Royal Wedding Photos

Now that all the formalities of the day are over and the tele is just showing re-runs of today’s matrimonial events, we thought we would show you some more of our official unofficial wedding photo’s, this time reflecting our  more casual and reflective pronuptial mood.
Picture 114
Picture 115 Picture 118
Picture 119
Auntie Jan remarked that there was something a bit Elton John/David Furnish about these pictures, but we can’t see it!
 Picture 120


Anonymous said...

Very nice you all look too. Don't tell anyone I wrote this cos I'm AWOL at the moment. Hugs Monkey.

Mr.D said...

Elton John and Davis Furnish aree a coupe who have adopted a baby. Mmmm.
A few people in Mexico are called John but it is spelled Jhon, otherwise it would be pronounced "Chon" with the ch as in loch.