Monday, 11 April 2011

A Huge Holiday Surprise For Nigel!

Picture 065
Monkey and I have been planning for a little while to give Nigel a real treat and take him on a Sun £9.50 holiday, but we kept it Top Secret as we didn’t want him to get over excited.  So when Nigel and I got in the car last night  I just pretended we were going for a short drive, knowing that within 5 minutes Nigel would be fast asleep …… oblivious of the fact that we were really heading for Brixham!
Picture 127
It was almost dark when we arrived, but first impressions were very favourable, our chalet is lovely, in fact it’s quite boutiquey in style.
Picture 129
The wallpaper is very posh!
Chalet Wallpaper
And the kitchen impressively equipped.
impressive kitchen equipment
Especially with egg cups
Chalet Egg Cups
Our bedroom is very big, with two twin beds and crispy white sheets ….. but as we prepared for our first night
Picture 004
I thought how tiny Nigel looked in his bed
Picture 003
And when he looked over to me I knew exactly what he was thinking …..
Picture 002
So I said he could come and share with me.  A strange bed, and being on your first Sun £9.50 holiday can be a little daunting, even for Nigel,  who embraces everything……
Picture 006
We snuggled down together, each thinking about the adventures that lay ahead of us in Devon in  a Michael Palin type way! Happy Days!


Mr.D said...

Wow! Another holiday!
The only problem is you have to buy The Sun to get the tokens - or am I mistaken? Maybe someone else buys that rag and you get the vouchers off them.
Clotted cream and scones? Devon pasties? Devon cider? Devon shovel? Devon Aoki?

Di said...

Aw, so cute! Di x

marc said...

Fun in the sun by the sea a first for Nigel it will be happy days indeed have a fab time boys eat lots of cream teas for me big love marc

Sam said...

Oh. Lucky Nigel. He is sooo lucky to have mates like you guys to take him on secret holidays. Hope he doesn't eat too much cream and has a whale of a time!